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June 24, 2014:
NY Times Reviews Weather Widgets.


mPING App:

NOAA and the University of Oklahoma provides crowdsourced information on the "Mobile Precipitatin Identification Near The Ground" app. Basically, people report the type of stuff that is falling out of the sky. Available for iPhone and Android. While radar can detect precipitation, the specific options offered by this app help people know what kind of snow, rain, or other issues they are really dealing with.

Various Weather Widgets and Software

Control The Weather From Your Computer! (OK, not really)

In our experience, people like to see dials and indicators showing them the condition of their environment. With many of today's weather widgets, you can find out the ambient temperature outside your door, in your favorite vacation spot, or even at the home office. For instance, if you work in Arizona it is always fun to brag about the 70 degree temperatures in December when you're talking to people in Buffalo New York. If you're a travel agent you can show your clients a snapshot of the weather in their preferred destination, and if you are in any industry that depends on rain or snow, then you need an accurate forecast. Lots of people in the mold remediation and construction trades actually buy their advertising based on the 5 day forecast. With weather widgets on your own machine, you can know these things.

Better yet, you may just want to know that it is nice outside, so you can take the afternoon off. With indicators for rain, snow, humidity, heat, barometric pressure, wind speed, and cloud cover, you can plan everything from gardening to your outdoor jog. If you're in one of those states (there are 37) where people say "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes" then you know that is is always a good idea to see what to expect when you go out for lunch. You may also be one of those people who got the windowless office, so a weather widget is a pretty good deal, because you can still feel like you have a connection to the world beyond the thermostat. Best of all, you can plan your vacation, retirement, or life on the run with data on multiple cities, so you don't get caught unprepared. You may not be able to change the weather. One last thing: when downloading weahter software, make sure it is free of spyware and adware. It is one thing for your desktop weather widget to run an ad in its own space, but if it goes around placing ads elsewhere on your site then it is time to switch it out. There are a lot of great weather downloads that are free or inexpensive, but you should not sacrifice computer performance for climate information.


Notes and Special Information

Special note: Make sure that your download does not contain spyware. And if you are in Boulder, Colorado, you only need to look at the water around your knees to know that it is rainy.